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Corn Sheller

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment


The picture is of a machine that is used to shell a single ear of corn.  The ear of corn goes to the opening on the top.  Then you turn the wheel on the side.  The corn comes out at the bottom and the corn cob comes out through a slot at the front.  It may not look like much, however it is a wonderful piece of machinery.  The wheel at the side still turns easily and it does not require much in the way of strength or effort to operate.  I image that it could get tedious to shell a lot of corn with this, however it would not be physically tiring. 

As I am writing this I realize that I have never asked anyone who was old enough to know how this machine was used on a working farm.  I doubt that it was used to shell an entire crop of corn.  More than likely it was used to shell small amounts to use as needed for feed.  I suppose I should ask someone soon since there likely aren’t many old farmers still around who remember. 

I found another use for this machine in husking black walnuts.  I drop the walnuts in the top and the husks comes out on the bottom and the nut comes where the corn cob does. It definitely beats stomping on the husks or driving a car over them.  Although most years I still leave the black walnuts to the squirrels. I imagine that I may be lazier than my ancestors.  Or at least I am not compelled by necessity to work so hard for my food.

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