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Thank a Conscientious Objector

They do perform a service to their country even though their efforts are often belittled.  And such a belief might serve every country well if it were widely followed.  I imagine that many would think it naive or worse to think that such a thing could ever happen.  Still there are examples of where individuals have refused to take part in war even at great personal cost.  So the will to reject war as a solution is within the parameters of human potential.  And what some people have been able to do others can do also if they make the choice to do so.

To me the total rejection of the use of war seems similar to the need for an addict to reject drugs in order to recover.  I imagine that to most this seems extremely unrealistic.  Still with the human capacity to rationalize there may be some truth in that total abstinence from war is the only solution.

I got to thinking about this yesterday on Veteran’s Day.  It seems like for thousands of years we have been thanking and even glorifying warriors.  And yet the things that their wars were meant to prevent keep happening and often one war plants the seeds for a more terrible war to follow.   To me it seems like we have been in a pretty futile cycle for a long time.  Maybe the example of the conscientious objector offers a way to break that cycle.  And maybe if this world one day does become a much saner place to live we will have a day to thank the conscientious objector.

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