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I learned what I needed to in 8 days

I set out a week ago to make a post each day for the month of November.  After just 8 days I have decided that it is a pointless exercise.  I think that the main motive for setting such a goal was that after not having posted for several days I could see myself once again giving up on blogging.  So I figured that posting daily might help me to regain the newly formed habit of regular posting.  I do think just this short week has helped in that area, however it has also shown me that by and large I don’t care to make posts because of some goal that the part of me that aspires to some discipline sets.  So I am going to rebel against myself and just post whenever I feel like it.

I do believe that I have caught the blogging bug enough that I will have plenty of motivation to keep it up.  I have made some posts that I learned something from. Especially once I had posted enough to see some patterns.  I also have learned maybe as much by posts that I have started and not finished.  Maybe you have had the experience of starting a post that you thought you cared a lot about or maybe had something important to say and then found out in writing that it actually didn’t mean that much to you.  I have and found it a worthwhile experience.

I suppose one thing I did learn from the thirty day experiment is how I do tend to impose extreme measures on myself when I see some shortcoming.  Then eventually I rebel against my own tyranny.

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