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Harvest in Central Illinois


More than likely you are not aware of the news of the late harvest in Central Illinois.  In October it rained 21 days out of 30 keeping the farmers out of the fields most of the time.  Usually the harvest is mostly complete by early October.  This year it is hard to tell when it might be finished.  In the past week the weather has dried up and today the temperatures are in the 70’s with fairly strong winds.  That is good weather for drying the corn out which is good, however it can be harmful to any remaining soybeans because if they get too dry the pods may shatter.  Farmers lose yield on soybeans if the pods shatter since then the beans fall on the ground and cannot be harvested.  Fortunately most of the soybeans have been harvested so this should not be much of a problem.

With the corn the problem is that the crop still has a fairly high moisture level.  To store properly corn needs be dried to a certain moisture level.  Most years a lot of this drying takes place in the fields.  The rest is either done by the grain elevator or by the farmer himself.  With the corn being more moist this year the drying process takes longer.  That seems to have created a backlog of wet corn waiting to go into long-term storage.  At this time in my area the local elevator is only taking corn every other day.  So while farmers are able to get into the fields unless they have their own drying capacity they are not able to harvest every day.  And that is my Saturday farm update.

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