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Thinking in pictures

I heard someone mention on the radio today that he heard a doctor speak who was born autistic, however because of the efforts of her parents she is able to do well in the regular world.  She said that she did her initial thinking in pictures and had to learn to move from the pictures to words.  When I heard that I realized that I also tend to think in pictures.  Mostly when I am writing I have an image first and then I use words to convey that image as best I can.  Usually when I appear to be deep in thought I am looking at some images in my mind.

One thing that originally got me to thinking about being visually oriented is when I noticed that I have posted pictures regularly on Flickr for years while I have never been able to post regularly to a blog.  And I had my first blog back in 1998.  That one got as far as coming up with a name for the blog.  If I remember right I called it Aluminum Tree Man because I was on ICQ when I was setting the blog up with a friend who was disparaging my aluminum Christmas tree.  With Flickr I have posted several images a week for over three years.

One interesting thing about images is that I can usually look at a picture and remember the day I took it.  Whatever thoughts and feelings I was having at that time come back to me.  I suppose in a way they are a journal that only I can read.

Another thought I had today is how amazing an image creator the brain is.  I have dreams sometime where I will see someone who I haven’t seen in years and my brain is able to make a 3-D animated talking image of that person.  And then there are the fantastic landscapes and cities that I see many times in dreams.  Some of these places are like nothing I remember seeing before.  I suppose because like most of us these dream images have been with me all my life that I take them for granted.  It was only today when I was thinking about images for this post that I realized what an incredible ability our brain has to make images.

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