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Stuck in Halloween Mode

At least I seem to be stuck for material to make my goal of posting each day this month of November.  So I figure I will get one last Halloween story out of my head and maybe that will clear my mind for writing something different.

As far as I can remember my father only told a ghost story one time.  The story was about a house that was about two miles from where our farm is.  One Saturday night a farmer was sick and asked for his children to stay with him instead of go to a dance that night in Pesotum.  His children decided to go to the dance.  As they were leaving he told them that if he died while they were gone that no one would ever sleep peacefully in his room again.  Well, I suppose it comes as no surprise that the farmer did die and that afterward anyone who tried to sleep in his room was bothered by a ghost all night.  He would do things like pull the blankets off and make his eyes glow while he stated at you from the foot of the bed.  After a while people got the message and stayed out of the room.

At some point another family came to live in the house and had the same experiences with the haunted bedroom. No one would spend the night in there.  The farmer who lived there had a daughter who was seeing a young man.  He heard the story about the haunted room and to prove his bravery said he would spend the night there.  He took his gun with him and before going to sleep he put it on the nightstand.  The young man did have some trouble sleeping, however until he looked at the foot of the bed and saw what seemed like glowing eyes everything had been quiet.  Now why he thought he could shoot  a ghost I don’t know, however he did grab his pistol and fired a shot at the glowing eyes.  The family in the house heard the shot followed by a scream.  When they came into the bedroom they saw the young man holding his foot.  It turned out that he had seen the reflection of the moon on his big toenail and had shoot himself in the foot.  Now I cannot swear that this actually happened.  Although it is certainly within the range of human stupidity.

I think this story has stayed with me for all these years because my father is not a big story-teller.  He may only say two sentences in a row on verbose days.  Still there does seem to have been something funny about that house.  I remember even though it looked like a livable nice house that nobody lived in it for several years and then it was torn down.  In the way that kids do I could sense that adults were afraid of something about that house.  And most seemed to believe that odd things did happen there.   In addition to the ghost another story was that the Virgin Mary sometimes appeared in that room.  Since I was pretty young it didn’t occur to me to question why in an area where most people were Catholic why they would be afraid of an appearance by the Virgin Mary.

So like I said the house was torn down and the land where it stood is now a farm field.  The only thing to mark this place where likely at one time a lot of drama happened is a clump of peonies that once grew at the start of the driveway.  They come up every year in the strip of grass between the field and the ditch along the road.

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