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Scary Places Part 2


The house here is not connected to this story.  I took it about a year ago in Danville and thought it might make a good Halloween picture someday.  The last two stories both are from where I live.  One in the house and one on the road in front.  And actually neither for some reason are scary to me since I never felt threatened.

The first happened this time of year two years ago.  I was walking on the road that runs in front of our house shortly after sunset.  I sensed more than saw something coming toward me from my left.  I reacted by jerking backward slightly and then I saw a white tubular object pass in front of me at shoulder level.  I watched it as it passed and it started to rise and look back at me.  I sensed that it was intelligent and aware of me.  The object after looking back rose a little more and disappeared. In its movement it reminded me most of a snake.  I didn’t feel threatened by it and my feeling was that it was surprised to see me.  I have no idea what it was, however it was as real as anything I have ever seen.  In some ways it reminded me of a cartoon animation.  It definitely was unlike anything that I have seen before or since.

The second experience is one of hearing and not seeing.  I often work on a computer in the basement.  For a time nobody, but me was home on a regular basis although people would come and go.  During this time Occasionally I would hear the door open and someone walk into the kitchen.  Most often there would follow footsteps as if someone was moving around upstairs.  More than a few times I would go and see who was home only to find that no one was there.  I would puzzle over this however it didn’t disturb me.  Our house is more than a hundred years old and a lot of people have lived here and some have even died here.  So I suppose that if there are such things as ghosts there could be some here. 

So these are my scary stories. At least the ones with a supernatural element.  What they mean I have no clear idea other than if they aren’t the result of some trick my mind was playing then there is on occasion some odd things going on around here. 

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