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Scary Places


The picture is of Harold’s in Danville, IL.  Some people say it can be a scary place to go into at night.  I don’t know since I have only taken pictures of the place.  Still in general I have mostly found the bars that are supposed to be scary to be a disappointment.  Although I don’t go into bars much anymore so that may have changed.  Maybe the scariest experience I ever had in a bar was when the working class bar the Dodge House in Champaign changed to the Office II.  I went in there late in the afternoon on a Friday and it was filled with office drones freshly released from their cubicles.  Most of the guys were wearing ties.  I still remember how unsettled I was by seeing this.

Now with this being the Halloween season a more proper subject would be the supernatural type of scary.  My strongest memory here is of a abandoned farm house.  Back in the 70’s when I was in high school my father had worked out a deal to remove some woodwork from the house and I was helping him.  The house had been built by my great-grandfather probably in the 1880’s and hadn’t been lived in for years.  While we were there I had the strange feeling of the presence of a young woman.  Think what you will of my state of sanity, however that is what I felt.  Strangely while we were removing the woodwork we found some letters that had somehow gotten behind the woodwork from a young woman to her boyfriend.  I wish now that I had investigated more and found out if there was any story in these letters, however looking back on it I seem to have been fairly incurious about many things in my youth.

Sometime during these days my friend Tim and me were driving around in the country one night.  I decided to show him the house we were working on.  We pulled into the lane leading up to the house and saw a glowing light coming from one of the upper windows.  By glowing I mean it was much brighter than what you would get from a light bulb.  And there seemed to be some solid mass to it.  We both looked at each other and without words knew that we each just wanted to get out of there.  So I backed down the lane and drove away.  When we talked about it later we agreed that we each had the feeling that we weren’t supposed to be there.  Now however I do wish that I had investigated more.  There definitely should not have been any lights in the house since there was no electricity.   However I would guess that there could be plenty of worldly explanations for what we saw.   At least I have found that to be the case now that I tend to check further into odd things that I see.

Well, I do have some more stories, however I will save these for another post.  I have a goal of keeping my posts to a reasonable length.  I took a week where I didn’t get on the computer much so I did miss my goal of posting at least every couple of days.  Hopefully I can get back into the habit.

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