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I wonder why it is so easy to get most Americans to work against their best interests?

To me it would seem that it would be a great benefit for most of us to have a health care system whose primary purpose was to serve the health needs of all our citizens.  Instead we have one whose main purpose is to make large amounts of money for a few of us.  Now the current system does provide adequate service to enough people that there is not open rebellion against it.  Still I wouldn’t think that it would take much imagination to realize how vulnerable most of us are under the current health care system.  Most of us are not so wealthy that we could afford health care if we were to lose access in one of the many ways that one can be shut out of the current system.  So to me it would seem like it would make sense to come up with a system that would lessen or eliminate that vulnerability. And until someone comes up with a better mechanism to make such a change we will need to look to the government.

And it seems like it is this look to the government that gets many people agitated.  I have heard many say that they do not want the government making decisions about their health care.  Like somehow that would be worse than the current system where large insurance companies are the ones making the decisions.  It seems like an odd situation where people have come to think they can trust people whose main goal is to make a profit off your illness over our government.   And when i say “our government” I think I am pointing out something that many of us seem to have forgotten.  And that is that our government is not some alien object that has attached itself to our society to do us harm.  Instead from the start of this country we have formed various units of government to do collectively things that we couldn’t do as individuals.  And such collective actions did bring many improvements to our lives.  Sticking to the area of health care the government funded research in the field of infectious disease probably has done more to improve health and lifespan then any other advancement in treating illness. Yet today many never hear about the many benefits that we enjoy today because of the collective action that those before us took through their government.  Instead it seems to have become a reflex in many to see government involvement as bad.

I wonder who benefits from this negative view of our government?  If our government is the means where we come together to decide how to accomplish goals that benefit most of us, then who would see that as a negative thing?  In the area of health care I think it is clear that the ones who benefit are those few who are making a lot of money off of our need for health care.  They know that they would lose this source of easy wealth if Americans ever were to wise up.  So they have been spending large amounts of money to scare people about change.  And it seems the easiest button to push is the fear of having government involved in health care.  And I think how easy it is to trigger this fear is the result of one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history by those who benefit by blinding most Americans to their real interests.  I don’t suppose that is surprising since it is those who have the most money who can most often make the best propaganda.  And the idea that the government will always be ineffective is an idea that they have done well at getting many to believe.  And so while it would help most of us to come together to create a health care system that we all can rely on many are convinced that this is the road to ruin.

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  1. webdzign
    October 3, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    You make some GREAT points here. Fear of change has kept people from moving forward in so many ways, both personally and nationally. Thanks for your insights.

  2. March 20, 2010 at 10:35 am

    I have lived in Europe for several years and I was brought up and raised in Canada and it puzzles most people I meet that the richest country in the world has the worst health services. Of course Americans are a proud people and they don’t like to hear that their government, big business and their neighbours treat each other with such indifference. Why aren’t you angry?

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