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Posting on Sunday

While I don’t have a religion that forbids blogging on Sunday, my mind is not being helpful in the effort.  Still I have imposed this discipline of posting every other day.  So today is one of those days.  So far I haven’t once ended up posting what I had intended to before I began to write.  Once I had an idea of doing a comparison of Bush II and Bertie Wooster, however maybe the time for such thoughts is past.  I do think that at one time the British had a good system in place to channel their mentally challenged rich into idle pleasures.  In the US it seems many families feel that such children should make a show of running a business or being in politics. It is unfortunate that George Bush couldn’t have been the President of the Drones Club instead of the USA.  I think instead of Bush and Wooster I posted about Crickets.

I have a few other drafts for posts. That is a handy thing about Live Writer.  I don’t have to go and login and look at some web form when I want to post.  Probably it hasn’t made me more creative, however it had made it easier to collect ideas.

So now due to lack of inspiration I will give a few links to blogs that I do read sometimes.

Resource Insights has what I think are some of the most intelligent posts on the issues facing us like declining resources and climate change.

Informed Comment I read this one a lot before the Iraq war started and then while it was turning into a disaster. Anyone that followed Cole’s writings during that time wouldn’t have been surprised by how things turned out.

Parsnip Is one of the greatest cats on Flickr. She doesn’t have a blog however there is a new picture most everyday.

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