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Scattering Topics

There is a creek near where I live that on the map is called Scattering Fork.  I imagine in reality that most people just call it “the ditch”, which is what people call creeks around here.  Still I felt like working it into a post today.  I like the idea that once this creek had a “loose and haphazard distribution of components”.  I imagine that the Scattering Fork caused some aggravation to the early settlers as they worked to drain the land.  Now the poor Scattering Fork is dug out deep and channelized so it can drain all the corn and bean fields.  I haven’t heard of the Scattering Fork causing any trouble in my lifetime.  And I would bet that I am one of the few who know what it’s real name is, or that it was a trouble-maker by some definitions when it was younger.

I am thinking now that I probably could find some kinda map thing for this blog and show you where the Scattering Fork is.  Still I imagine that you probably have a Scattering Fork somewhere in your mind so look at that one instead.

I did change the look for my blog today.  There are around 70 that I can chose from.  And when I look there I usually see one that I think will suit me better than the one I am using.  So far I have used three different ones for more than a few hours.  Maybe sometime I will make my own, however now I am appreciating the work of others.

One last thing I for today is that if you are blogging you need to try Windows Live Writer.  It is a word processor for blogs and it is free.  With it you can connect to all the major blogging services and manage all your posts.  Here is a good article on Windows Live Writer on Lifehacker.  Windows Live Writer Tweaks, Tips, and Updates.

Well, so far I have made my goal of posting at least once every other day.  And I just remembered one other topic I was thinking of earlier.  That is health care reform.  The latest proposal seems to be that we be forced to buy second-rate insurance from the major insurance companies.  I guess that is the kind of socialism that the corporations can live with.  I imagine there will be some protest about this.  Hopefully it will do some good.  All this gets me to thinking that maybe instead of protesting we should start taking up a collection to buy the Congress back from the corporate lobbyists.

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  1. Robert
    September 16, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    I’m doing my part in buying back Congress. Sent my contribution to Rob Miller yesterday.

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