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Two things that stop me from posting

Several times over the years I have started blogs and have seldom done much with them.  Now this morning I was writing a post while I was walking.  I do this fairly often when I am far away from being able to record my thoughts, and then have them lose their magic once I am back in front of the computer.

Still today I did realize that there are at least two reasons why I do not keep up with a blog.  One is that I want my posts to be perfect and maybe profound before I see in any value in posting.  Since so far I haven’t created such a post and probably am unlikely to that is quite an obstacle.  The second reason is that much of what I would post may tend toward being critical and maybe even inflammatory. I wonder if more of that kind of thing is needed.   I do think that it would be a good thing to post things that offer encouragement and help relieve suffering.  And maybe I could do that sometimes, however it would require suppressing much of my nature.  I am not anywhere close to being the Dalai Lama.

So to be able to post I can see that I just need to write and not be too concerned about perfection.  And see the writing as part of becoming better rather than having to be at the place I would like to be before I even start.  And also to express whatever is on my mind without so many filters may be a helpful thing in the long run.

I have a cat who likes to express his opinion by swatting me.  I don’t care much for that kind of expression, however I know that it is in his nature to give his opinion in that form.  So usually I stay out of swatting range when I know he is experiencing some strong feeling.  For his part he has learned to keep his claws in most of the time when he is trying to make a point.  And I am afraid I can’t find a neat way to tie this story into what I was saying before.  It just came to mind as I was thinking about expression.  There probably is some connection, however maybe I will think of that another day.  Now I think it is time to push the publish button.

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  1. Robert
    September 14, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Seemed like a complete thought to me! Neatly tied and delivered.

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